About the School Board

The Spring-Ford Area School District School Board is made up of nine directors: Three directors represent each of the three regions encompassing the Spring-Ford Area School District. 


View the regional map here.


~Yes, we know, that map is difficult to read, but this is the official district map. Please contact us if you need help deciphering which region you live in. We are happy to help.


A School Board Director holds the elected position for four years. Every other year the alternate seats are up for election. 

In 2021, there are four School Board seats up for election:

  • One seat in region 1

  • One seat in region 2

  • Two seats in region 3


Karen Weingarten is running for the seat in region 1. You will be able to vote for one candidate if you reside in region 1.
Abby Deardorff and Erica Hermans are running for the two seats in region 3. You will be able to vote for both candidates if you reside in region 3.

These elected, volunteer, Directors are responsible for the advancement of public education in the Spring-Ford Area School District for children in kindergarten through grade 12.


The Board answers to our community, electorate, and the Pennsylvania Department of Education. The Directors develop policies and guidance, lead meetings, establish plans, evangelize programs, oversee finances, work with staff and administrators, confer with families, contribute to the overall advancement of our schools and community to ensure Spring-Ford remains a highly ranked district while providing an equitable education for all students.


The School Board acts as members of the overall board, as well as members of key committees allowing them to dive deep into key issues and topics. The committees include: 

  • Property

  • Policy

  • Extracurricular

  • Finance

  • Curriculum and Technology

  • Community Relations 

Region 1:
Karen Weingarten

Karen Weingarten is our candidate for Region 1.


You are Region 1 if you vote at:

  • VFW Post 6341

  • Royersford Baptist Church

  • Upper Providence Township Rec Center

  • Upper Providence Township Building.

There is one Spring-Ford School Board Region 1 seat up for election this year.

Region 3:
Abby Deardorff
Erica Hermans

Abby Deardorff and Erica Hermans are our candidates for Region 3. You are Region 3 if you vote at:

  • Royersford Elementary School

  • Brooke Elementary School

  • Grace Evangelical Church

  • Limerick Fire Department (Linfield Station)

  • First United Church of Christ

  • Spring City Library

There are two Spring-Ford School Board Region 3 seats up for election this year. You may vote for BOTH Abby and Erica.